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The ALLTHERM Warm Roof has been specifically designed with energy efficiency in mind to ensure warm dry buildings for years to come.

BRANZ Appraised

ALLTHERM Warm Roofing System is BRANZ appraised (No 1166) meaning it meets their rigorous testing criteria and New Zealand building standards.

Locally manufactured PIR 

ALLTHERM uses high-performance PIR Insulation boards. Our PIR is manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standards, ranging from 50mm to 150mm thickness, translating into R-Values varying from R2.34 to R7.01. The ample range ensures we not only accommodate your design and project needs, but we also meet or exceed the new H1 requirements. Another advantage of being locally manufactured is the ability to produce custom sized PIR panels outside the standard 1200mm x 2400mm size.

Fully Adhered System = No Thermal Bridging

The ALLTHERM Warm Roof system is a fully adhered system eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners. Mechanical fasteners penetrate the insulation panels and the vapour barrier of the build-up, resulting in thermal bridging, reducing the efficiency of the system.

ALLTHERM utilises a high strength low VOC adhesive with a superior bond strength to adhere to each layer of the build-up. The sprayed-on mechanism ensures quicker and efficient application speeding the installation process, completing project in less time.

Our system build-up has been thoroughly and independently tested and has demonstrated an average uplift of 14kpa, well above building code requirements.

Thin Assembly – only 147.2mm build up!

ALLTHERM is one of the thinnest warm roof build ups available today. The full assembly – from the vapour barrier to the membrane – measures a mere 147.2mm while still achieving H1 compliance. With this unique feature architects gain the flexibility to design structures with relatively low parapet heights, all while meeting the increased insulation demands imposed by the latest building codes.

Membrane Selection – TPO and Torch On

ALLTHERM Warm Roof can incorporate either of Allco’s membrane systems, TPO Single Ply Membrane or Modified Bitumen two-layer torch on, and can be used in combination with a Green Roof or Ballast Roof System.

Recover Roofs

The ALLTHERM Warm Roof System can be incorporated into an ALLRITE Recover Roof System on existing metal tray roofs.

Leak detection

ALLTHERM Warm Roof is compatible with the EFVM (Electric Field Vector Mapping) system. This allows for the detection of any breaches to the membrane after installation which can be repaired immediately and annual testing can be carried out as part of your maintenance program, offering peace of mind to owners and occupants.

The ALLTHERM Warm Roofing System was designed to offer exceptional roofing insulation in flat or low-pitched roofs.

Created in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions ALLTHERM has been designed to ensure ultimate thermal performance, high UV protection and long-term durability.

ALLTHERM places the insulation outside of the building envelope eliminating condensation in your roof build-up to provide the gold standard in insulation keeping your home warmer, drier and quieter.

Allco ALLTHERM Warm Roofing System is accredited by BRANZ to comply with the new H1 requirements of the building code in all 6 climate zones.

ALLTHERM Warm Roof is BRANZ Appraised (1166) including our TPO Single Ply Membrane or Modified Bitumen two-layer torch on. Both membrane types are individually BRANZ appraised and will provide a watertight and aesthetically pleasing surface for your new roof.


Performance B1.3.1, B1.3.2, B1.3.3(a), (b), (c), (g), (h), and (q), and B1.3
Performance B2.3. (b).
E1.3.2 and E1.3.3.
Performance E2.3.1 and E2.3.2.
E3.3.1 and E3.3.6
Performance F2.3.1.
Performance H1.3.1.

The Allco Warm Roof system and Recover roof system meet or exceed the following NZBC Acceptable Solutions:
• C/AS1 (4.3)
• C/AS2 to C/AS6 (4.17)
• C/VM2 (A1.7)
• Group 2 S

Allco offers comprehensive quality assurance through planning and design, installation and care and maintenance advice.

Allco encourage our involvement at the concept stage of the project to ensure all aspects of the building scope are met. We can incorporate our system design partners into your projects so structural and thermal calculations are provided and a PS1 for design can be issued by our system design partner. Beware of substitution and protect your project by registering with Allco at the design stages to receive the full benefits.

Allco specification documents are available through Masterspec or can be downloaded from our document library. Substitution of any products in NZBC compliant systems should not be accepted and we recommend that this is made clear in all specification and tender documents.

We support the project with a thorough QA program to ensure it meets all stakeholders’ expectations and the system is installed correctly.

Installation of ALLTHERM Warm Roof System shall be carried out by an Allco Approved Applicator and undertaken in accordance with all relevant technical information.

Allco ALLTHERM Warm Roof System is supported by a 20-year product warranty.

Maintenance requirements for the Allco JM TPO and Allco Casali Torch-On membranes are outlined in our Care and Maintenance Guide.

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