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Casali Idroprimer

Idroprimer is a primer in water emulsion for bituminous waterproofing materials such as prefabricated and bituminous liquid membranes and hot bitumen with ensures excellent adhesion on any type of surface.

The product consists of distilled bitumen, water and additives that ensures rapid drying.

Medium-viscosity brown liquid.

Characteristics of the product: Characteristic U.M. Value Tolerance Specific weight kg/dm³ 0,95 - 1,15 - Dry mass residue at 130°C % 32 - 37 - Viscosity DIN/4 at 20°C sec 15 - 20 - PH - 11 - 13 -

Laying Instructions: Toolings Thinner Type of thinner Cleaning method Brush approx. 20 % Water Water Roller approx. 20 % Water Water Spray approx. 25 % Water Water

Preparation of the laying surface: Ensure that the deck is clean removing all traces of dirt, grease and loose parts, if necessary, repair excessive roughness and ensure sufficient slope to ensure rainwater runoff.

Consumption: Consuption depends on the absorbing capacity of the laying surface. Generally about 200 g./sq.m. for the cement surfaces. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Temperature limit during application: MIN 10°C - MAX 40°C

Packaging: Colours available Black Packaging 5 kg - 10 kg - 20 kg STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS Storage temperature MIN 3°C - MAX 40°C Stability in the original package 12 months.