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Volclay Aquadrain 15X


Key Features

Aquadrain is used to enhances the waterproofing system by collecting and transporting water away, as well as providing membrane protection, especially during backfill.

Sheet drainage offers the following advantages over aggregate drainage:

  • Low installation cost – combined installation and material cost are usually less than half that for stone and pipe drainage.
  • Predictable performance – uniform properties and application coverage provide predictable drainage performance.
  • Easy to handle and install – lightweight, easy-to-handle prefabricated drain sheet is installed quickly. No heavy equipment or skilled laborers are required.
  • High flow capacity – three-dimensional structure of core provides multiple channels for vertical and horizontal water flow.
  • No clogging – geotextile filter fabric permits a high volume passage of water into the core while retaining soil particles.
  • Strong and durable – crush strength of core resists damage during installation and from soil pressures. High tear and puncture strength of fabric ensure no damage during backfilling or use.
  • Reduces drainage space requirements – thin profile requires much less space than aggregate drainage.
  • Reduces dead load weight on decks – thin, light-weight composite weighs far less than aggregate drainage thus greatly decreasing dead load weight on decks.
  • Inexpensive to transport and store – lightweight rolls are less expensive to transport and do not require large job site space for storage or staging.
  • Chemically resistant – both the core and geotextile are resistant to all naturally occurring soil materials.
  • Simple inspection – easy visual inspection of material and installation is possible.
  • Direct discharge connection – sheet drain can be directly connected to base drain collection and discharge system.

Volclay Aquadrain 15X is a simple, reliable and cost-effective alternative to Aggregate Drainage

Aquadrain drainage composite is a two-part prefabricated sheet drain consisting of a 3 dimensional propylene formed dimple core covered with a woven polypropylene filter fabric bonded to one side. The formed dimple core provides compressive strength and collects water for flow to drainage discharge pipes. This filter fabric allows water and other liquids to pass into the drainage core while restricting the passage of soil particles. The filter fabric is bonded to each dimple to minimise fabric intrusion into the core resulting from backfill pressure. The polypropylene core resists chemical attack and degradation in soil.


AQUADRAIN 15X is a cost-effective drainage sheet designed to replace or complement aggregate drainage backfills. It is designed primarily for vertical sub-surface applications requiring a high compressive strength and high flow capacity. Applications include foundation walls, retaining walls, bridge abutments, planters, tunnels and other earth-covered structures. AQUADRAIN 15X can also function as a protection course when installed over a waterproofing membrane on podium decks.

Harewood Underpass

Another watertight underpass is completed. The brief was durability for the life of the structure with a requirement to be leak free to maintain the integrity of both the profiled panel façades and the Architectural Coating.

The Hills Golf Club

The self-sealing properties of the Volclay Swelltite Sodium Bentonite Membrane made an ideal choice for this & other high profile earth covered structures.  With the minimum confinement criteria of 300mm earth cover (over the Swelltite) achieved; this application was very straight forward and has gone on to showcase in several...

St Mary’s College

Tanking to footings and precast panel retaining walls, lift pit and storage areas, plaza deck, roof and gutters

Rose Garden Apartments

Tanking to footings and precast panel retaining walls, AFS walls, lift pit and storage areas, plaza deck, roof and gutters.