Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Below ground walls or retaining walls are probably the most common area in any construction needing to be waterproofed. The CETCO Volclay range has specific solutions for dealing with the waterproofing of below ground walls and retaining walls, most commonly Swelltite and Voltex are used depending on construction methodology.

Retaining the earth in order to build a structure below the ground level means the walls will likely have some form of water pressure against them and without protection it will go straight through to below ground structures and in the process compromise the structure itself.

Depending on your wall type we have a membrane to protect it.  For masonry block walls or post-applied waterproofing we recommend CETCO Volclay Swelltite

For pre-application of waterproofing membrane to pre-cast panels or insitu poured concrete walls, chose from the CETCO Volclay Voltex range.

 Choose from the options below for the solutions that best suits your wall type.