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Key Features


Cetcoat is recommended for use on below-grade walls and slabs on either the negative-side or positive-side where protection from water intrusion is required. Cetcoat may be used to waterproof foundations, basements, tunnels, water reservoirs, sewage plants, water tanks, swimming pools and manholes. A typical application of Cetcoat serves to provide a waterproof barrier up to 30 metres of hydrostatic pressure.

  • Packaged in convenient kits to cover 9.5 metres
  • Durable yet flexible
  • No priming required
  • Negative-side or positive-side applications
  • Breathable to prevent vapour build-up
  • Brush, spray or broadcast applications
  • Requires no curing

CETCOAT 1P is a unique, flexible, one component waterproofing membrane that is suitable for a wide range of positive and negative waterproofing applications.

Based on an advanced cross linking polymer technology, CETCOAT 1P is a standalone flexible polymer cementitious membrane that does not require the addition of any liquid additive; requiring only water added to powder to form a high quality liquid membrane slurry system. Ideally suited over concrete, masonry and mineral substrates, the cured film provides a water tight membrane that is permeable to vapor diffusion and offers excellent resistance to frost and ageing, as well as outstanding adhesion properties.

Termination Detail: For use on the above/below ground transition, especially in garden areas & stair transitions, refer to the termination details provided by Allco Waterproofing Solutions.

Packaging: CETCOAT 1P is available in 20 kg plastic pails with powder contained internally within 15 kg sealed paper bag.