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Key Features

The primary applications are:

  • Grade termination sealant
  • Membrane lap sealant
  • Waterstop adhesive

CETSEAL is a multi-purpose, single component moisture cure sealant/adhesive utilizing MS Polymer® Technology. CETSEAL is a low VOC, 100% solids, non-shrinking product with excellent UV resistance. Cetseal is available in 600mls (20oz) sausage.

Grade Termination Sealant: Apply a continuous bead of CETSEAL between concrete wall and top of the membrane; apply continuous bead of CETSEAL where termination bar fasteners will be installed. Install termination bar flush to the top of the membrane then apply a continuous bead of CETSEAL along the top of the termination bar covering and sealing the concrete to complete the termination.

Waterstop Adhesive: Apply a continuous bead of CETSEAL to substrate and/or waterstop then install waterstop before CETSEAL skins over. Yield will vary with use, substrate and application.

Precautions: Remove all dirt and debris, surface coatings and sealers before application. Prepare metal by removing rust, scale and oil residue. Allow treated lumber to cure for six months prior to application. Do not apply in standing water conditions or at temperature below -4°C.