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Allco offers a range of different tapes for all your waterproofing needs:

Barrier Tape – a universal tape for use wih below and above ground membranes

Cloth Tape – ideal for use with Allco Allsheet DPM

Seam Tape – ideal for use with Volclay Swelltite


Allco Barrier Tape is a single sided butyl tape combined with a high strength aluminium foil face + a PET (Polyester) film layer providing this product with extra strength and waterproofing performance.

It is extremely durable, resistant to both cold & heat making it excellent for commercial and residential waterproofing & soundproofing applications. Thin but strong and flexible, the butyl adhesive is designed with excellent higher initial tack properties for bonding to various irregular surface structures.

Allco Barrier Tape forms a stable bond withstanding expansion and contraction and resists water vapour transmission, ideal for permanent waterproof seals.

Thickness: 0.45 MM

Size: 100mm x 20m


Allco Cloth Tape is a high performance, polyethylene coated cloth tape for use with Allco Allsheet DPM.

The polyethylene plastic coating of the cloth tape provides moisture and abrasion resistance and the rayon fabric cloth backing with longitudinal & cross weave mesh construction allows for extra strength. The natural rubber adhesive technology using high-performance cross-linked adhesives for improved bonding, superior holding power & overall performance.

Allco Cloth Tape has excellent conformability, moisture resistance, high tensile strength & easy hand tear making it ideal to use for sealing the overlap seams of Allco Allsheet DPM.

Thickness: 0.26 mm

Size: 48mm x 30m


Allco Seam Tape is an 80mm wide butyl rubber tape used for sealing the overlap seams of Volclay Swelltite for both vertical and horizontal applications. The inherent adhesive and waterproofing properties of the tape effectively seals the liner face of Swelltite.

It protects the seams of the installed Swelltite membrane against debris intrusion during back-fill and damage from rain prior to backfilling. Additionally, Seam Tape decreases the vapour or gas permeability of the seam and provides good chemical resistance and excellent moisture barrier properties.

Seam Tape’s outstanding conformability allows the tape to be easily installed on irregular surface conditions and may also be used to repair small tears or punctures in Swelltite’s heavy geo-membrane liner.

Colour: Black

Thickness: 0.35mm

Length: 80mm x 20m rolls

Tensile Strength: 18 pli

Elongation: 350%