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Key Features

It expands to form a thick, low permeable layer across the exterior surface of the structure, filling voids in the adjacent soil and sealing small cracks in the concrete.

Installation is fast and easy. Simply mix Bentogrout with water according to instructions, and pump it adjacent to the exterior of the building. It can be pumped without excavating from outside the structure, or from the interior of the structure through holes drilled in the wall or slab.

Designed specifically for Bentogrout, the CETCO BENTOGROUT Pump and Mixer is fully electric and composed of a progressive cavity pump for continuous flow with a vertical paddle-type mixer to obtain proper shear and agitation. Its compact and mobile design makes it easy to use in confined spaces and enables direct access through standard-sized doorways.


Bentogrout is pumped in a fluid state adjacent to the exterior of the structure where it sets into a gelatinous state forming a waterproofing barrier. Bentogrout can be used to seal leaks in concrete, masonry block, brick, and stone foundations.

  • Foundation Walls
  • Foundation Slabs
  • Tunnels
  • Sheet Piling Interlock
  • Concrete and Masonry Foundation Walls
  • Manholes
  • Utility Vaults


Bentogrout is applied to the exterior of the building where it stops the water before it can penetrate the structure and further corrode the reinforcing steel.

Bentogrout has the ability to self-seal if the structure settles and therefore its performance is not limited by future hairline cracking in the concrete.

Bentogrout does not shrink or dry out in sub-surface soil formations and is not affected by freeze/thaw cycling. It remains flexible, maintains a putty-like consistency over time and retains a swell potential to seal itself off.


Bentogrout is not designed to bridge cracks or gaps larger than 3 mm (1/8”). Interior surface cracks greater than 3 mm (1/8”) should be surface sealed with cementbased patching material to prevent grout extrusion into the structure.

Bentogrout is not designed as a structural patch.

Bentogrout is not recommended for above grade or applications that do not provide proper confinement.

Bentogrout is not suitable for sealing expansion joints.