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Allsheet 500 is a damp proof membrane (DPM) for use in low risk, non-hydrostatic conditions, providing some vapour-barrier properties. Thicker and stronger than conventional polythene, Allsheet 500 has excellent tear resistance and puncture resistance.

Key Features

Property Unit Test method Value
Thickness Mm 0.5
Tensile strength at break MPa ASTM D 6693 25/20
Elongation at break % ASTM D 6693 1000/1000
Tear resistance N ASTM D 1004 35
Puncture resistance N ASTM D 4833 120
Water vapour flow transmission Glm / 24hr ASTM E 96 – E

ALLSHEET is a 500-micron multi-layer waterproofing membrane manufactured from virgin resin flexible polyethylene. Allsheet 500 has excellent tear resistance and puncture resistance. It has an elongation of 900% in both directions. Allsheet is highly resistant to acid and base chemicals. Allsheet is damp proof membrane for use in low risk / non-hydrostatic conditions, providing some basic gas-barrier properties.

Grade Termination Sealant: Apply a continuous bead of CETSEAL between concrete wall and top of the membrane; apply continuous bead of CETSEAL where termination bar fasteners will be installed. Install termination bar flush to the top of the membrane then apply a continuous bead of CETSEAL along the top of the termination bar covering and sealing the concrete to complete the termination.

Waterstop Adhesive: Apply a continuous bead of CETSEAL to substrate and/or waterstop then install waterstop before CETSEAL skins over. Yield will vary with use, substrate and application. Typical yield at 6mm diameter bead: 290 ml cartridge - 6m

Precautions: Remove all dirt and debris, surface coatings and sealers before application. Prepare metal by removing rust, scale and oil residue. Allow treated lumber to cure for six months prior to application. Do not apply in standing water conditions or at temperature below -4°C.