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Allsheet is a damp proof membrane (DPM) for use in low risk, non-hydrostatic conditions, providing some vapour-barrier properties. Thicker and stronger than conventional polythene, Allsheet has excellent tear resistance and puncture resistance.

Key Features

Property Unit Test method Value
Thickness Mm 0.5
Tensile strength at break MPa ASTM D 6693 25/20
Elongation at break % ASTM D 6693 1000/1000
Tear resistance N ASTM D 1004 35
Puncture resistance N ASTM D 4833 120
Water vapour flow transmission Glm / 24hr ASTM E 96 – E

Allsheet is a multi-layer damp proofing membrane manufactured from virgin resin flexible polyethylene. Allsheet has excellent tear resistance and puncture resistance and is highly resistant to acid and base chemicals.

As a damp proof membrane, Allsheet can be for use in low risk / non-hydrostatic conditions, providing some basic gas-barrier properties. Please note that DPM does not form part of our Waterproofing System and is used solely as a damp-proof membrane.

Allsheet 500 (500 micron) is supplied in (flat wound) roll form 2m x 50m.

Allsheet 300 (300 micron) is supplied in (flat wound) roll form 4m x 25m.

All joints must be lapped minimum 150mm and taped using Allco Seam Tape from Allco, or similar approved PVC tape.

Allsheet has a minimum life of 50 years under the following conditions:

1. Must be installed as outlined in E2/AS1 10.3.3. Damp Proof Membranes, and must be laid on a properly prepared base as required by NZS3604:2011 & E2/AS1.

2. Free from tear, puncture or damage during installation

3. Storage away from direct sunlight prior to installation

4. Is not left exposed for more than 28 days.

5. No exposure to corrosive or petrochemical agent

6. Installed by or under the supervision of a licensed building practitioner.

7. The concrete remains unbroken

8. The building maintains structural integrity