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Key Features

  • Thermal operating range of -15°C/+130°C
  • Suitable for use in climate zone 1 and 2 (NZBC Climate Zones)
  • High elasticity
  • Excellent resistance to atmospheric ageing
  • Excellent joint seal and adhesion to any type of approved substrate
  • High resistance to mechanical and thermal stress
  • Used for more than 40 years in more than thirty countries
  • Compatible with EFVM testing.

BRANZ Appraisal No. 647 (2017)

The Allco Casali  APP (Atactic Polypropylene) membrane system is suitable for a wide range of two-layer waterproofing applications for residential and commercial roofing. Approved for use as a waterproofing system under trafficable surfaces.
Suitable for use in climate zone 1 and 2 (NZBC Climate Zones) Casali APP membrane system has a high resistance to mechanical and thermal stress. Dermafil® has BRANZ certification and has been used for over 30 years in more than thirty countries all over the world.

The Allco Casali APP torch on membrane’s are installed as a two-layer system with:

  • Dermaprimer solvent based primer. Low VOC options available on request.
  • Olympia 3mm Base sheet (Aderix 2.5mm S/A base sheet for ALLTHERM/ALLRITE systems)
  • Dermafil 4mm Cap sheet Finishes
  • Olympia 3mm Base sheet - Sand
  • Dermafil 4mm Cap sheet – Black, Grey (other colours available on request)

A bitumen-based compound modified with select polypropylene polymers (APP) and co-polymers, containing stabilised nonwoven polyester reinforcement.
A multi-functional system suited for a variety of applications, wide thermal operating range (-15°C/+130°C), adheres to different types of Allco approved substrates (reinforced concrete, plywood, roof cover boards.)
Displays consistent nominal thickness even after installation.

Laboratory Tested and Appraised by:

Lab Test Standard u.m. Dermabit
Extra 30160 (Base) Dermabit
Extra 43170
Thickness EN 1849-1 mm 3 4
Mass per unit area EN 1849-1 kg/m² 3 5.2
Ultimate tensile strength
– Resistance at break – Longitudinal EN 12311-1 N/5cm 700 850
– Resistance at break – Transversal EN 12311-1 N/5cm 600 650
– Elongation at break – Longitudinal EN 12311-1 % 40 40
– Elongation at break – Transversal EN 12311-1 % 40 40
Tearing Resistance
– Resistance at break – Longitudinal EN 12310-1 N 150 170
– Resistance at break – Transversal EN 12310-1 N 150 170
Flexibility at low temperatures EN 1109 °C -25 -20
Creeping at heat EN 1110 °C +150 +150
Thermal aging in air EN 1296 ∆ t°C 5 5
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 BS 476 F.AC Rating F.AA Rating

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Auckland Central Library

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Auckland Zoo – East Asia Precinct

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Rangitoto Avenue House

Remuera House is a stunning residential property, Allco’s Casali Torch On Membrane was the preferred choice for the roofing solution.

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