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Allco Termination Bar


Termination bars are used on Swelltite applications. The bar provides adequate confinement in the upper layer of installation and prevent water tracking behind the membrane. This is important step to ensure the quality of the installation and must be used in every job.


  • Pre-fabricated, ready to use
  • Convenient pre-cut 2.0 m length
  • Flexible aluminum alloy bar adapts to wall irregularities.
  • Pre-formed 25° angle flange provides ample reservoir for sealant at the top termination.
  • Non-corrosive and will not rust.
  • Provides professional, neat termination work.

Allco Termination Bar is an extruded, non-anodised aluminium finish bar used to terminate Allco’s roofing and below-grade waterproofing membranes. The bar is 35 mm wide and 2.0mm thick. Allco’s Termination Bar is unique with its trapezoidal design with two end flanges inclined at a 25° angle. The longer flange measures 11.80mm, and the shorter measures 5.0 mm. The bar is cut into 2.0 m lengths.


Install the termination bar at the top edge of the membrane.

Allow a maximum 6 mm gap between adjoining bars and fasten with approved fasteners (30 x 6 S/S Shuredrive) at 300 mm centres max.


30 bars per pack - 15 packs per box - 188 kg per box