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Allco ALLRITE Recover Roof


Allco ALLRITE Recover Roof has been designed and engineered to provide long term durability, weather tightness, and improved thermal & acoustic performance.



Keep your existing roof substrate
Use the existing roof substrate as the platform for the ALLRITE Recover Roof system. Allco will assess the existing roof substrate’s acceptability prior to providing the correct solution for you.

Continuity and minimal disruption
ALLRITE Recover Roof Systems will not require the building occupants to be relocated during the installation because the work can be done whilst the existing roof remains intact meaning there is minimal disruption to normal business operations.

Condensation considerations
ALLRITE Recover Roof Systems are designed and installed to ensure that the condensation risk over the life cycle of the system is effectively managed by the approved design.

Low slope/re-pitch options
If your existing roof has insufficient fall, we can provide ALLRITE Recover Roof System options that can be re-pitched to suit your potential requirements. The simplest and most cost-efficient way to achieve this is with tapered rigid insulation for which we incorporate into the design as part of the new re-roof substrate solution.

Engineered solution
Allco will conduct a thorough roof assessment to ensure the correct ALLRITE Recover Roof solution is specified and will meet all the structural performance requirements of the project.

BRANZ Appraisal
Allco Waterproofing Solutions offers Allco JM wide sheet TPO single ply membrane as the finished surface on top of the ALLRITE Recover Roof System. JM TPO is a BRANZ appraised membrane and will provide a watertight and aesthetically pleasing surface for your new roof.

Water Collection

Allco JM TPO has undergone rigorous testing and is certified as a suitable waterproofing membrane for water collection.

Thermal performance
Allco ALLRITE Recover Roof System can incorporate additional PIR insulation layers that will enhance the thermal performance requirements of the building.

Allco provides a 20 year product warranty against material defects for the ALLRITE Recover Roof system. The warranty must be applied for upon completion of the project by the Allco Approved Applicator. Workmanship will be covered separately by the Allco Approved Applicator.

Allco ALLRITE Recover Roof System enables an existing metal tray roof assembly to be retained and reused as the structural deck platform for the re-roof system. ALLRITE Recover Roof solutions are designed and engineered to provide long term durability/weather tightness and improved thermal and acoustic performance.


We offer Allco JM TPO membrane as the finished surface over the recover system components. We aim to simplify the re-roofing process with a fully warranted system solution.


ALLRITE Recover Roof Systems can be installed over existing metal trough section roofing. This roofing material was traditionally installed at low pitch. Low pitch, damage, poor detailing, complex junctions all contribute to these roofs being compromised in respect to weather-tightness. Often these roofs are the perfect candidate for ALLRITE Recover Roof Systems. Our team will examine the existing roof and provide a re-roof solution that allows for our robust, cost efficient and warrantable ALLRITE Recover Roof system to be installed.

ALLRITE Recover Roof has the option of using our Allco JM TPO which is BRANZ appraised and will provide a watertight and aesthetically pleasing surface for your recovered roof.


Performance B2.3.1.
Performance E2.3.1, E2.3.2. and E2.3.6.
Performance F2.3.1.

Allco specification documents are available through Masterspec and can be downloaded here on our website.

Substitution of any products in NZBC compliant systems should not be accepted and we recommend that this is made clear in all specification and tender documents.

Allco ALLRITE Recover Roof has been designed to meet the highest standards. Allco QA process ensures the installation is carried out in accordance with the BRANZ Appraisal and manufacturer guidelines. Protect your project by registering with Allco at the design stages to receive the full benefits.

Installation shall be carried out by an Allco Approved Applicator and undertaken in accordance with all relevant technical information.