Key Features

  • AKWASEAL LV is non-corrosive and has EPA approval for contact with potable water and adheres well to most surfaces including concrete, clay tile, metal, wood, stone, mortar and brick.
  • AKWASEAL LV can be applied without the need to stop the seepage or leaks prior to application.
  • The grout bonds to wet or dry surfaces.
  • When it comes in contact with water a chemical reaction occurs changing the product to a dense polyurethane foam through which water will not pass.
  • After curing it forms a flexible gasket and an effective barrier to water infiltration.

AKWASEAL® LV is a hydrophobic polyurethane chemical injection grout designed to stop water infiltration through concrete cracks, joints, fractures, and unproperly consolidated areas. A versatile remedial waterproofing product that stops water infiltration into, or out of above and below grade concrete structures. Proven effective in concrete joints, cracks, and poorly consolidated areas in concrete walls, floors and ceilings.

AKWASEAL® LV works in three ways. First, it forms a chemical bond to the surface area. Second, it forms a mechanical anchor in the irregular surface areas of the joint. And third, through expansion, a compression seal is formed within the crack, fracture or hole. The elastomeric and flexible properties of the cured foam allow it to resist cracking or pulling apart and to stand up to freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles.

Technical Data: As the grout reacts with the moisture present, the grout will move "FOAM" in an upward direction. Depending on the width of the crack, the grout may travel up to several feet along the crack. Inject in a particular injection port until the grout is no longer traveling. After injecting into all the ports in sequence, immediately return to the first port and inject all ports again in sequence. Prior to the grout curing, each injection port may be pumped several times during the installation. Finally, water may be re-injected to insure reaction.

Caution: Properly mixed grout will expand 25-30 times its wet volume.Void filling capacity of AKWASEAL LV is 5-cubic feet of foam per gallon of liquid grout resin. For cracks with a high flow rate or large void areas, it may be necessary to dam up the area with rags, oakum, or other material. Damming the area will decrease the rate of water flow to allow the grout resin time to foam and bond to the interior surfaces of the crack/joint.

When injection has been completed, injection ports should be removed or broken off with a hammer. Exposed cured grout foam should be scraped off and disposed of per all applicable regulations. Drill holes should be filled with proper patching material. Clean pump equipment and hoses with PUMP FLUSH. Do not flush out pump equipment or hoses with water.

Pump Equiptment: Portable airless pumps producing discharge pressures of >250 psi are recommended for use with AKWASEAL LV. Airless pumps with 1/3 gallon per minute pump capacity are ideal for small projects. Airless pumps with 1/2 to 1 gallon per minute pump capacity are better for large projects or projects with large rates of flowing