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Welcome to our dedicated council support page.

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If you have questions please call or email:    –    (09) 448 1185


  • Swelltite is applied to concrete or blockwork only
  • Swelltite vertical laps are taped
  • Horizontal lap is fixed closed tightly (nailed or taped)
  • Drain coil is kept a minimum 50-100mm off the membrane
  • Acceptable types of protection include: Allco Allguard, 3mm Corflute, Aquadrain, HD Polystyrene or 6mm Fibre Cement Board

If Swelltite is terminated:

  • Is the horizontal/vertical termination bar fixed in position keeping a tight seal at the top
  • If on an external wall, is Cetcoat applied showing 200mm min above termination bar
  • Is sealant applied across the top of the termination bar to deflect water
  • Are all penetrations detailed where passing through the membrane


  • Voltex is applied to footings, underslab, insitu walls & shotcrete walls
  • Laps are fixed closed tightly (nailed or glued)
  • Drain coil is kept a minimum 50-100mm off the membrane

If Voltex is terminated onto a concrete substrate:

  • Is the horizontal termination bar fixed in position keeping a tight seal at the top
  • If on an external wall, is Cetcoat applied showing 200mm min above termination bar
  • Is sealant applied across the top of the termination bar to deflect water on external walls
  • Are all penetrations detailed where passing through the membrane
  • Types of acceptable protection: Allco Allguard, 3mm Corflute, Aquadrain, HD polystyrene
  • If poured insitu no termination bar is required

Waterstop RX

  • Concrete substrate is acceptable
  • Confirm minimum concrete coverage can be maintained where waterstop is applied (50mm RX102 & 75mm for others)
  • RX Waterstop has been mechanically fixed or adhered in position
  • RX Waterstop is in full contact to the concrete substrate where applied
  • RX Waterstop is detailed well on all corners
  • All penetrations are detailed with RX Waterstop
  • If penetrations have RX Waterstop applied, confirm the minimum coverage is sufficient
  • All parties are aware of the RX Waterstop requirements with exposure to climatic conditions
  • Photos have been taken of the RX Waterstop installation
  • Concrete pour date confirmed
  • RX Waterstop will not be exposed to a wet environment for more than 24hrs (if yes then protection must be provided until concrete pour)
  • RX Waterstop is not to sit in pooled water

Product Label

Below is an example of our Allco Product Label. The label was created to be used on site and to support council personnel. When you find this label on site just scan the QR code it will take you to this Council Support page.

Here you will find the most frequently asked question around product installation, lap sizes, terminations and membrane protection on our most frequently used tanking membranes.

Please remember that although encouraged, labels aren’t compulsory and may not be found at every site.

We have also introduced backfill stickers to help ensure the backfill is completed within an appropriate time frame by the contractor.

The sticker has a QR CODE that will automatically download a copy of Allco’s Backfill Document ensuring easy access to the correct information.

The stickers will help with showing installation completion date and encourage backfill to be done by the contractor ASAP which will safeguard the installation and protect the integrity of the product. The stickers will also help the Allco TA team know when the installation was completed allowing them to follow up with the contractors as well.

Our TA Team will also have their own YELLOW STICKER version so they can inform applicators,  council personnel and the contractors of when an Allco inspection has been completed and reinforce the need for immediate backfill.



We have some videos on the correct installation of our tanking membranes. After watching the videos make sure to check your understanding with a short quiz!

Introduction Training Video

In this video, we will do a quick introduction to our bentonite-based membranes, Voltex and Swelltite, and the main accessories we used during their installation.

Installing Voltex Training Video

In this video, we will cover the installation steps for our Voltex membrane, specifically how to do a standard footing lap, pipe penetration and internal and external corners.

Installing Swelltite Training Video

In this video, we will demonstrate how to install our Swelltite membrane. Including how to complete floor and wall junctions, do internal corners, cold joints, lapping details and pipe penetrations.


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