Technical Support

The purpose of the Allco Waterproofing Solutions Technical Support is to provide an objective, independent review of the project.  That is we ‘observe, record and recommend’.  Unless explicitly contracted we will not provide third party sign off.

In our role as an objective, independent reviewer, we use our experience to recommend changes and influence their adoption. But the lack of any contractual relationship means that we have no authority to enforce our recommendations. The decision to act on our recommendations rests with the applicator and head contractor. 

Typically in the course of subsequent visits we will see if our advice has been followed and reiterate what we think, if it has not been followed. But due to the absence of a contractual relationship, that is the extent of our ability to influence the building work that is carried out on sites. 

We point out that in certain circumstances failure to comply with our recommendations may result in failure to meet warranty conditions.

For our larger projects, everybody needs to be involved to understand the capabilities of our product so Allco has a pre-installation meeting. This includes architects, owners, applicators and anybody else who may need to be involved so everybody will know what it is we need to achieve.

Along with producing a Technical Support Manual that is kept on-site which includes inspection sheets that get filled out at every visit, Allco also takes comprehensive photos of the site and documents the findings for each job to correlate with the photos.

For further assistance with your technical support needs contact the office on 09) 448 1185 or email the team at


*Conditions Apply: Contact Allco Waterproofing Solutions for more information.