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Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane 6125 (MM6125) is a thick, tough, flexible, self-healing membrane for use in roofing and waterproofing applications.  It is a special formulation of refined asphalts and synthetic rubbers.

The system provides seamless waterproofing, which is ideal for high performance, zero fall, green roofs and hard landscaped podiums structures. 

It is self-healing in the event of minor penetrations and is made of 100% solids, which means no curing time, no mixing and no solvents.  The system fully bonds to the substrate avoiding any chance of water tracking, and its monolithic nature ensures no possibility of lap failures.

MM6125 may be used in Roofing applications as the waterproofing layer

  • In a protected membrane roof (PMR) system, or
  • Overlaid with a trafficable surface such as pavers

As a waterproofing system on a non-trafficable area, including

  • A horizontally applied MM6125 Fabric Reinforced (FR) assembly, and
  • Waterproofing to upstands and other vertical structures, and inside planters

A key part of the Codemark certified Hydrotech roofing solution which is a …. thick tough self healing flexible membrane..

The Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane (MM6125) System is suitable for use in the following:

New Buildings

  • Buildings that meet the Building Code requirements for structural performance, having been designed in accordance with AS/NZS1170:2002; and
  • Are less than 150m in building height; and
  • Substrates as follows: Concrete substrates - structural concrete, or lightweight structural concrete
  • The designer & installer must assure themselves that the selected ballast is sufficient to withstand all applied loads and conditions such as wind speed, insulation weight where a PMR system is specified

Existing Buildings

  • Buildings that the designer and installer has established is suitable for the building work; and
  • The substrate must be prepared in accordance with Allco Waterproofing Solutions requirements; and
  • Are less than 150m in building height; and
  • The designer & installer must assure themselves that the selected ballast is sufficient to withstand all applied loads and conditions such as wind speed, insulation weight where a PMR system is specified.

Hydrotech MM6125 is a “positive side” waterproof membrane, that is it should be applied on the side subject to positive water pressure.

Compliance with the NZ Building Code: For further information contact Allco Waterproofing Solutions

Codemark:  Hydrotech membrane roofing solution is Codemark certified to meet all relevant requirements of the NZ Building code.

Reasonable grounds: Allco Waterproofing Solutions can provide the following information and assistance to demonstrate compliance with all relevant provisions of the building code:

  • BBA 90/2431 Hydrotech MM6125 Roof Waterproofing System
  • Allco Product Technical Statement
  • Hydrotech supplied technical data sheet (2013-TDS-6125CO-DY)
  • Allco Waterproofing Solutions Design Summary
  • zerofalls
  • 180 approved
  • Compliance with the NZ Building Code has been established by an ’Codemark Certification
  • Able to be used in zero fall applications.  This means the product can be applied directly to the structural substrate without the need for a screed to falls.
  • Being a seamless system, Hydrotech can be applied to upstands and details first, enabling other work, such cladding installation, to commence whilst the main deck is used as a working/storage area which is only waterproofed once clear.
  • MM6125 is highly resistant to fertilisers, building washes, and is completely solvent-free. 
  • It has low temperature flexibility and adhesion and is not affected by rain, snow or frost immediately after its application.  It may be installed at temperatures as low as -15°C.
  • It has an international in-service history of 50 years without any reported material related failures.
Antipodean Apartments

Recently completed, this substantial inner-city residential development encompasses 160 apartments over 14 levels in the vibrant heart of Auckland’s CBD. With a strong client brief that provided a challenge to maximise site potential, PB&A Architects engaged the Allco team to provide a ‘one stop shop’ range of waterproofing solutions.


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