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Key Features

  • Allco Seamtape is used for sealing the overlap seams of Volclay Swelltite for both vertical and horizontal applications. It protects the seams of installed Swelltite membrane against debris intrusion during back-fill and damage from rain prior to backfilling. Additionally, Seamtape decreases the vapour or gas permeability of the seam.
  • Seamtape’s outstanding conformability allows the tape to be easily installed on irregular surface conditions and may also be used to repair small tears or punctures in Swelltite’s heavy geo-membrane liner.

Allco Seamtape is a 80mm wide butyl rubber tape used to seal Allco Swelltite Waterproofing Membrane overlap seams.

Volclay Seamtape consists of 80mm of black adhesive butyl compound integrally bonded to a 1.4mm thick high density polyethylene film.

The inherent adhesive and waterproofing properties of the tape effectively seals the liner face of Swelltite at the membrane overlaps. Seamtape provides good chemical resistance and excellent moisture barrier properties.

Colour: Black
Thickness: 0.64mm
Tensile Strength: 18 pli
Elongation: 350%