Allco Projects - Northbridge Retirement Village

Northbridge Retirement Village

Project Requirements

This project was completed over several years and required temporary watertight panels to be removed between stages.

Industry Sector

Aged Care


The Volclay product range was specified for the Northbridge Retirement Village.

Project Details

Project Name: Northbridge Retirement Village

Products Used: Volclay Voltex, Volclay Swelltite, Aquadrain, Bentoseal

Completed: September 2019

The Project 

Northbridge Retirement Village is located on Auckland’s North Shore owned and managed by the Northbridge Lifecare Trust. This project was an extension to an existing retirement village carrying on from Stages 1 and 2.  


This project was to be completed over several stages and required the ability to have watertight panels that could be placed temporarily and removed between stages. As a operational retirement village the project was restricted by existing boundaries and site access therefore requiring a solution that would minimise the site interruptions while allowing a seamless waterproofing solution.  

The project was located near a local wetland however it presented no issues for the site and did not impact the Allco Solution. There were several challenging penetrations just below ground level on the roadside which requires a solution that required carefully detailing.  


Allco’s entire Volclay product range was specified on the project, utilising regular Volclay Voltex on pile caps and a combination of Swelltite and Aquadrain on precast panels.  

Precast panelling was employed on this project for a range of reasons, among them is ability to maximise site time, allowing the panels to be prepared offsite for a speedy installation, allowing work to be underway simultaneously. These precast panels had a combination of stitch and butt joints that required careful detailing. Using the Allco Volclay Accessories such as Bentoseal and strips of either membrane depending on the nominal gap to be filled allowed this detailing to be successful achieved. 

One of the interesting challenges of this project was involving the use of temporary precast panels. The objective for these panels was to be placed between different stages, allowing them to act as temporary waterproofing barrier before the following stages begun. While this was usual these panels were both successfully installed and removed when stage three began.  

The penetrations that were located just below ground level at roadside, presented significant challenges however Allco’s Volclay system was one of the few products that could have detailed this successfully.   

The site was non-hydrostatic however required consistent dewatering during construction, there was also exceptional water control post construction which has resulted in a hugely successful project. 

The Allco TA Team conducted pre-installation meetings with the site contractor and Allco Applicator throughout installation to ensure a seamless installation and provide support for any challenges as they arose. The communication between all parties was seam less and the Allco’s TA Team have named this project as “successful from start to finish”.