We’re proud to share we are now Carbon Conscious Certified Business, dedicated to continuously evaluate our operations for potential improvements. We recognise our role as a leading supplier in the New Zealand construction industry and we understand the importance of acknowledging and minimising our environmental impact.

We have partnered with Ekos, to review and calculated our business’s CO2 footprint and to provide us with a detailed carbon footprint report of our emissions across different activities, highlighting the hotspots and providing strategies for effective reductions.

Supplier EDP’s

Here are our suppliers Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents.

Volclay Voltex Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)Download
Hydrotech Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)Download
JM TPO Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)Download
Casali Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)Download

As an active member of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) Allco encourages and supports the development and adoption of market-based green building practices aiming to provide better building methods and healthier environments.

We have curated the best waterproofing solutions available from around the globe to ensure that our offering enables designers to offer sustainable waterproofing integrity to the building industry. Our procurement process for selecting our solutions assesses not only the performance criteria but also ensures that the products we supply are from responsible manufactures and first-class when it comes to environmental impacts.

Sustainability is a way of life for Volclay manufacturer, Minerals Technologies Inc (MTI) and subsidiary CETCO. They are committed to promoting safety, ethical conduct and responsible resource management to improve their workplaces and communities.

As MTI continues to grow, they will continue exploring new possibilities to build sustainability into every step – so they can help support a healthy environment and a better future.

Mineral Technologies Inc is focused on helping customers, consumers and communities become more sustainable.

“The growth of our business is rooted in the responsible management of the natural resources we depend on. That’s why we’re focused on reducing the ecological impact of our products and processes – and delivering solutions that help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, ” Douglas T. Dietrich, MTI Chairman and CEO.

Click here to view MIT’s Sustainability Report, environmental targets and best mining practices.

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Hydrotech believes construction is no longer just about building and development, it’s about being smart. That entails limiting the impact of the construction process on the very environment that nurtures us. This means building for the long term and catering to global needs and issues.

Hydrotech has developed products, systems and alliances that reflect their commitment to environmental sustainability. Along with producing one of  the industry’s best performing membranes, Hydrotech has also introduced some of the industry’s most sustainable waterproofing assemblies. For instance, our Hydrotech (Monolythic Membrane 6125® – MM6125®) is a hot-applied rubberised asphalt that can be formulated with a minimum 40% post-consumer recycled content.

Hydrotech assemblies feature recycled content in the membrane and reduced lifecycle costs due to project longevity (which also reduces its impact on landfills).

In short, Hydrotech has the solutions that fit long-term sustainability strategies building owners and operators are demanding of the products and assemblies they specify.

Click here to find out more about Hydrotech’s commitment to sustainability.

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Johns Manville (manufacturer of Allco’s JM TPO) has a long tradition of manufacturing durable and environmentally-responsible materials used to construct our cities, homes and communities.

Johns Manville is proud of the fact that their products contribute to creating environments that are energy efficient, comfortable, safe and healthy.

JM maintains a strong commitment to environmental compliance and performance. Continuous improvement in their environmental management program is an integral part of their business strategy, seeking ways to reduce and eliminate water usage and be responsible stewards of natural resources.

Their sustainability commitment extends well beyond the products manufactured and the solutions they provide, their belief is that economic, social and environmental dimensions play equally important roles and it’s why their sustainability goals are focused on reducing their environmental footpints as well as doing the right things on the social and economic fronts.

Read more about Johns Manville’s pathway to product sustainability here.

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