Allco Projects - University of Auckland Social Sciences Building (B201)

University of Auckland Social Sciences Building (B201) 

Project Requirements

The University of Auckland embarked on a transformative refurbishment of the 50-year-old Social Sciences Building (B201).

Industry Sector



Allco’s complete tanking range was the ideal solution for this sophisticated project. 

Project Details

Project Name: University of Auckland Social Sciences Building (B201)

Builder: Hawkins

Architect: Jasmax

Products Used: Voltex and Swelltite.

Completed: February 2024

The Project 

Project Overview: 

The University of Auckland embarked on a transformative refurbishment of the 50-year-old Social Sciences Building (B201), enhancing it into a future-ready, environmentally sustainable facility. By opting for refurbishment over demolition, the university significantly reduced its carbon footprint and shortened the construction timeline, achieving a 6 Green Star accreditation. 


The primary objective was to strengthen the existing nine-storey structure and improve its sustainability to reduce operational energy use. The project required a waterproofing solution compatible with the original building’s constraints and the new energy-saving initiatives, including the integration of a soaring glass atrium with a vaulted timber roof and solar panels. 

 Allco Solutions: 

The Volclay waterproofing system was selected to address the building’s sophisticated needs, providing a durable solution for teaching, research, and administrative spaces.

Foundation and Structural Integrity: Volclay Voltex was applied to the building’s foundation thickenings and perimeter ground beams to reinforce the existing structure and ensure comprehensive waterproofing. 

Lift Pit Waterproofing: A new three-bay lift pit, critical due to its proximity to the groundwater table and being the lowest structural point, was fully encapsulated with Volclay Voltex. This application included waterproofing the walls, footing, and slabs to offer maximal protection in this high-risk area. 

Adaptability Across Various Applications: During the construction, the Volclay range was adapted to several smaller, diverse areas, demonstrating its flexibility and effectiveness in meeting the specific demands of a 6 Green Star-certified building. 

Execution and Outcomes: 

The project’s success was driven by careful planning and execution, ensuring that all aspects of the building’s sustainability and structural enhancements were met without compromising the historic integrity of the original structure. The waterproofing efforts were crucial in maintaining the building’s longevity and functionality. Sansom Waterproofing, an Allco-approved applicator, played a pivotal role in this process, skilfully completing the waterproofing installation, and ensuring high-quality execution throughout. 

Impact and Sustainability: 

The refurbished Social Sciences Building stands as a beacon of sustainable development within the academic community, showcasing how modern engineering solutions can be harmoniously integrated with existing structures to meet contemporary environmental standards. This project not only conserves resources but also provides a state-of-the-art facility for future generations of students and faculty.