Allco Projects - Huapai Country Club Retirement Village

Huapai Country Club Retirement Village

Project Requirements

Project had groundwater uplift pressure, requiring a comprehensive tanking solution and permanent dewatering system.

Industry Sector

Aged Care


The Volclay system was the chosen solution for this project.

Project Details

Project Name: Country Club Huapai Retirement Village

Applicator: CCR Waterproofing

Builder: Form Construction

Architect: Ignite Architects 

Products Used: Volclay Voltex, Volclay Waterstop RX, Volclay Swelltite, Cetseal, Bentoseal

Completed: July 2020

The Project 

Located in West Auckland, The Huapai Country Club is setting a new standard of luxury for the aged care sector. Designed by Ignite Architects the village is made up of apartments, villas, and assisted care facilities. The waterproofing project was carried out by Allco Approved Applicator CCR Waterproofing alongside Form Construction.


With the groundwater level relatively high and with the basement parking level situated 1.5 meters below the phreatic surface, a permanent dewatering system had to be incorporated into the basement drainage to mitigate the groundwater uplift pressure as the basement slab and foundation system were designed to no uplift pressure. Likewise, considering the high phreatic surface a secure waterproofing system was required to ensure a dry and functional car parking facility, and the Volclay system was selected to do just that.


Volclay Voltex membrane was installed in the slab/foundation and Swelltite membrane was used in the walls. Joints were further reinforced against leaking with the use of Waterstop RX and Bentoseal. All together the basement is fully encapsulated and waterproofed with a 20 year warranty from Allco.

The full encapsulation of basement structure including foundation provided secure waterproofing protection for the basement parking and lift pit to ensure life-long serviceability of its intended use.