Allco Projects - Campbells Bay School Extension

Campbells Bay School Extension

Project Requirements

New standalone classroom block including a two story large external staircase requiring a tanking solution.

Industry Sector



The full Allco Volclay range was chosen for this project due to its versatility and ease of installation.

Project Details

Project Name: Campbells Bay School Extension

Applicator: MPM Waterproofing

Builder: Woodview Construction

Products Used: Volclay Voltex, Volclay Swelltite, Allsheet 500DPM

Completed: May 2022

The Project 

Campbells Bay Primary School located on Auckland’s North Shore began building their new standalone classroom block in 2021. This new block includes 14 classrooms, bike shed and play space and will remove the need for temporary classrooms on the school field.


The new standalone classroom block was an extension to an operational school,  requiring a tanking waterproofing solution that could handle the site conditions with minimal disturbance to school activities and be installed over or under polystyrene (poly) pods. These high-density poly pods were utilised on the slabs to help speed up construction and provide a more cost-effective solution opposed to the traditional concrete slabs and backfill.


The full CETCO Volclay range was chosen as the preferred option for the footings, under the poly pods and blockwork.

The site was non-hydrostatic however construction continued through the wet winter months making Volclay the best choice of membrane as it can be installed in any weather and can withstand and adapt to hydration during installation. Woodview Construction installed a temporary de-watering pump into site liftpit to manage severe weather during construction and aid MPM Waterproofing during Voltex installation.

Allco’s extensive detail library provided the specific detailing for the use of Voltex with the poly pods, providing options for both above and below membrane application. The use of high-density polystyrene and Voltex which helped save time during construction allowing the contractor to stick to strict Ministry of Education timelines.

Allco’s TA Team conducted regular site visits providing onsite support and advice throughout construction. Our Allco Applicator MPM Waterproofing, worked cohesively alongside with Woodview Construction ensuring the project was delivered to the highest standard.

“Another successful MPM project, great final result” – Jason Bland.