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Casali (Torch on), Johns Manville (TPO), Volclay (Tanking)
Auckland, Waikato, Northland, Wellington
Digital QA
Product Warranty, System Warranty - Commercial, System Warranty - Residential

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Digital QA User of digital QA system such as CONQA
Product Warranty Product Warranty qualified
System Warranty - Commercial Qualified to offer System Warranty on commercial project
System Warranty - Residential Qualified to offer System Warranty on residential project

Elephant New Zealand deals with residential, commercial and civil projects – ranging from new projects, renovations and repair to leaking basements. This includes underground tanking, through to decks and balconies, damp basements, new buildings and houses, new and existing water tanks, factory maintenance, swimming pools, roofs, gutters, retaining walls, ponds, etc.


  • Northland
  • Auckland
  • Waikato
  • Wellington

Installers of:

  • Volclay (Tanking)
  • Casali (Torch On)
  • Johns Manville (TPO)

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Unit L – 3 Henry Rose Place, Albany

E info@elephantnz.co.nz

P 09 414 7981



1/4 Malvern Rd, Ngauranga

E waterproofing.wlg@elephantnz.co.nz

P 027 471 0818

W http://www.elephantnz.co.nz/