Transform Rooftops into Vibrant Gardens with Allco

Transform Rooftops into Vibrant Gardens with Allco

As the demand for locally grown produce and high density houses increases, urban communities are becoming more and more creative in finding ways to meet that demand. Urban agriculture can be as simple as windowsill herb gardens or as vast and vibrant as large community gardens that encompass entire city blocks.

The acres of unused building rooftops in these areas present the perfect environment to contribute substantially to the volume of locally grown produce in urban communities and provide the space, sunlight and fresh air plants need to thrive.

Allco's American Hydrotech Garden Roof Assembly starts with a hot rubberised asphalt waterproofing membrane and includes insulation, drainage/water retention components and soil. Using soil that is specially engineered for a lighter weight and optimum drainage allows it to be installed on a roof where weight can be a concern. This creates a gardening experience almost indistinguishable from one at ground level. Unlike a container garden, this type of built-up assembly allows nutrients and water to be shared across the roof and provides plenty of room both horizontally and vertically for the plants' roots to spread and grow.

Transform flat Roof tops into Green Roofs with Allco & Hydrotech

With Allco's American Hydrotech Membrane, urban rooftops can be converted into colourful outdoor living spaces/green & warm roofs. Call us on 09 448 1185