Sealing Windows with Colorseal-on-a-Reel

Colorseel-on-a-Reel (COR) provides a unique and durable alternative to sealing and insulating window perimeters.

In contrast to traditional wet sealing (caulk and backer rod) approaches, COR is tensionless. This means that tensile stresses that cause liquid sealants to fail are eliminated. This is true at the bond line and within the cured sealant itself. Emseal Colorseal-on-a-Reel Seismic Joint - Allco Waterproofing

In addition, with an R-Value of 45 per mm (1.8 per inch) of depth, COR insulates the building envelope at the window perimeters.

COR is not for any window job, however, COR is generally reserved for applications where high-quality windows are being installed into properly detailed window openings. For these reasons Emseal COR was specified on the new Plant & Food Research Facility in Mt Albert, the Dow Coatings building, Otahuhu in Auckland and The Sofitel, Wellington among other projects.

Like any sealant, COR is only as good as the substrates. Windows must be properly factory sealed within the units themselves and feature properly tested self-draining weeps.

Preparation of window openings must incorporate best practice flashing methods to direct any water that may get through the window system back out to the face of the structure.

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