Auckland Art Gallery

Project requirement

The project involved a significant amount of civil works, with retention piling, soil nails and ground anchors used to allow excavation and construction of new basement levels between the heritage buildings. Because it was built into the side of a hill, high hydrostatic pressure was constantly present.


Archimedia specified Volclay Bentonite Waterproofing and RX Waterstop to provide a dry, watertight basement. The waterproofing application faced significant challenges including a very muddy and wet site. Most of the walls were Shotcrete retention with Voltex DS pinned to the clay or rock face between piles. Reo was installed and RX 101T waterstop was installed in all cold poured joints.
The many changes of plans and junctions caused an extended period of up to 2-3 weeks during which the Voltex DS was exposed to inclement weather. This required site-specific details to overcome these challenging conditions. Extensive QA checks were required over a two year period.

Project Details24.7.09 1

Applicator: Sansom Construction Services Ltd
Builder: Hawkins Construction Ltd
Architect: Archimedia & Sydney bases FJMT (Francis Jones Morehon Thorp)
Completed: September 2011


Project Size – 6000m2
Warranty: Volclay full system warranty, 20 years
QA Visits: 125
Hydrostatic head of pressure: 20m