M-2000 Liquid Flashing is trowel-grade, coldapplied, single component urethane mastic used for a variety of detailing and termination applications primarily with Volclay Swelltite, bentonite waterproofing membranes and Envirosheet rubberized asphalt waterproofing membranes.

M-2000 Liquid Flashing is an accessory waterproofing product designed for the following uses:

  • Fillet material at horizontal and vertical inside corners
  • Flashing material around drains, mechanical and electrical penetrations, curbs and parapets
  • Sealing material at membrane terminations
  • Fillet material for small concrete surface substrate defects
  • Flashing material at inside corners

M-2000 Liquid Flashing is formulated for use on structural concrete, masonry, wood and most metal surfaces. Do not use M-2000 on insulated concrete forming (ICF) systems but polystyrene foam may be installed over  M-2000 after it has cured.                                              

Technical Data:
ASTM C 836 Black
Solids: ASTM D 412 83%-88%
Elongation: ASTM D 412 600% minimum
Tensile Strength: ASTM D 412 150 psi (1,034 kPa)
Dry Adhesion to Concrete: ASTM C 794 20 lbs./in. (3.5 kN/m)
Water Vapor Permeance: ASTM E 96 (method B) 0.14 perms
Shore “A” Hardness: ASTM D 2240 30
Low Temperature Brittleness: ASTM D 746 -40°F (-40°C)





M2000 - Tech Data Sheet

M2000 - Material Safety Data Sheet