Wabo Fireshield FSH

WaboFireShield FSH FSV 3 200x201
WaboFireShield FSH FSV2 200x200


Wabo®FireShield FSH is a second generation unified fire rated, sound, UV stable, thermal and waterproof sealant system. It features waterproof silicone faces on each side of a fire-retardant impregnated foam sealant without the need for additional set of in-tumescent bellows. This fire-retardant impregnated foam does not rely on the silicone face or an in-tumescent coating to provide its fire rating.

Although designed to be used alone, it can also be below any metallic or Elastoplast expansion joint system. With both sides coated, it may be placed with either side exposed to view adding to the versatility and increasing the aesthetic fireproof sealing options. The silicone finish enhances the water resistant nature of the product and provides an aesthetic finish. Wabo®FireShield FSH Also has the ability to handle variations in joint size through incremental sizing. There is no drilling or modifying of the substrate required for installation.



•All Interior and Exterior horizontal expansion joint applications
•For use in various construction projects including:
-Parking Garage
-Water Treatment facilities


•Sound Attenuation - Minimizes sound transfer

•Ease of installation - No mechanical anchors needed to install system. Saves time and labor.

•Generous Movement Capability - Can accommodate structural movement up to +/-50% and excellent for thin slab applications


Wabo Fireshield FSH - Installation Procedure


Fireshield FSH - Data Sheet