Wabo Crete

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Wabo®Crete II is a two-component polyurethane expansion joint header with specialty aggregate, 100% solids material for use in exterior construction environments. Wabo®Crete II is a unique mixture which monolithically bonds the expansion joint to the deck, creating a waterproof system. Wabo®Crete II absorbs traffic impact loads and evenly disperses them into the deck, while allowing the system to flex with deck loads. It is resistant to ozone, UV, deicing chemicals, and abrasives. The addition of heat is not required to increase flow or cure the material. It will self-level in the blockout.



• As an expansion joint header/nosing for various expansion joint systems
• Spall repair of existing joint headers/nosing applications.
• Void filler

• Fast Curing - Short traffic closures. Traffic can be received depending on temperature, typically within one hour of completion.

• Abrasion Resistant - Accommodates heavy and repetitive impact loading and prevents further deterioration. No salt or freeze thaw damage.

• Versatility -Will bond to sound concrete, steel, and aluminum surfaces. Has the ability to bond tenaciously to itself monolithically.

• Reliability - The use of Wabo®Bonding agent prevents any inherent moisture in the concrete from interfacing with Wabo®Crete II


Wabo Crete - Data Sheet