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Wabo Evazote


Key Features

  • Versatile movement  – Can accommodate movement of 90% of its nominal width, allowing 60% compression and 30% tension. The seal can also accommodate up to 120% shear movement.
  • Nitrogen Blown – Profile minimizes dirt and debris in the joint opening. When compressed the center portion does not extend upward above the seals original height.
  • Simplicity – Minimal components and flexibility of seal allows for quick joint repairs and short traffic closures.
  • Hydrostatic Applications – Standard system can accommodate up to 10 feet of hydrostatic pressure.


Wabo®Evazote UV is preformed low density closed cell cross-linked ethylene vinyl acetate polyethylene copolymer nitrogen blown joint seal that is bonded into place with a two component 100% solids modified epoxy adhesive. Wabo®Evazote is capable of accommodating movements and watertightness given variations in joint widths through compression and tension. The seal has a working ranging of 60% compression, 30% tension and 120% shear. The UV stability of Wabo®Evazote allows the seal to be resistant to abrasion, oxidation, oils, salt and other materials that are spilled on or applied to the surface. Grooves are placed along its edges to ensure and enhance its bond strength.

•Sealing joints on bridges, parking decks,stadiums, buildings and waste watertreatment facilities
•Repair and maintenance of existing joints
•Horizontal and vertical applications
•Expansion joints with varying joint widths.