Allco Delivers A Zero Pitch Roofing System

Allco Waterproofing Solutions is excited to announce that for the first time in NZ, there is a zero pitch (less than 0.7°), protective membrane roofing system that is easy to specify and deemed to comply with the Building Code.

Creating outdoor living spaces and green roofs has never been easier or less risky. Now designers have the opportunity to specify a system that has a 30+ year history and has been used on many iconic buildings including the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The Allco zero pitch roofing system uses Hydrotech rubberised membrane, International Leak Detection and Dow Chemical insulation, topped off with the ballast of the specifier's choice.

Simple, easy to follow documents have been created that will assist the designer to specify and detail right down to the ballast. Instructions for the installers and the information that must be recorded are also specified. This ensures that the history of the installation is clearly documented. And finally, building owners are provided with clear maintenance requirements, thereby taking the guess work out of 'owner obligations'.


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