Certification & Testing

Volclay is BRANZ appraised. Exhaustive tests and field evaluations have been undertaken on all Volclay products since the establishment of the range in 1963. The products have been used in subway systems in Hong Kong and San Francisco. In highway tunnels through the Italian alps and under Oslo, Norway. Airport terminals in Seoul, Korea and Chicago, USA as well as many other prominent places. More than one hundred million (100,000,000) square metres of Volclay waterproofing have been successfully installed in thousands of projects worldwide. A New Zealand site reference list is available upon request, but include such projects as the Vodafone 3 Building Auckland, Auckland War Memorial Museum (Atrium basement tanking), St George’s Hospital Christchurch, Pak'N'Save Lower Hutt and Farmers Dunedin.

Volclay waterproofing products use the natural mineral sodium bentonite. Then wetted, unconfined sodium bentonite can swell up to 15 times its dry volume. When confined, as in below-grade waterproofing applications, the Bentonite forms an impervious membrane and can seal cracks, punctures and small voids. After installation, Volclay waterproofing can self heal concrete cracks caused by shrinkage or seismic action. With the Volclay waterproofing system, the problem activates the solution, reliably and automatically.