Vodafone Building

Project requirement

The basement parking areas for the building were below sea level and the structure was located close to the boundaries. The site was on reclaimed land within 10m of Waitemata Harbour and the site was contaminated with various oils, petro chemicals & saline. Consequently, Watts and Hughes chose to use a precast wall panel system with Volclay type waterproofing installed to the face of the precast panels when they were cast. This allowed us to provide the best possible water proofing to the basement space given the limitations of access.

Building services were extensive and complex throughout the project and raised floors were installed on levels one to five.


Volclay Voltex DS membrane and RX Waterstop, provided the waterproof envelope and one of the biggest challenges faced was the 240 rock anchors which penetrated the Voltex Membrane to hold the floor slab in place during tidal movement.

The ease of using Voltex and cutting accurately around these and detailing with bentoseal (a sodium bentonite mastic) meant the construction program remained on schedule.

Another unique design feature was the ventilation ducts which were built into sections of the floor slab and all waterproofed with Voltex DS.

Project detailsVodafone Building

Applicator: Sansom Construction Services Ltd 
Builder: Watts & Hughes Construction
Architect: Jasmax
Completed: April 2005


Project Size: 4,000m²
Warranty: Volclay Full System Warranty
QA Visits: 60
Hydrostatic head of pressure: 4m