The Sentinel Apartments

Project requirement

As the plaza deck waterproofing was to be staged over a number of months with tight construction deadlines a membrane that was able to placed and detailed in virtually any weather was a must. The membrane was also required to be tough and self healing if damaged by construction site traffic from other trades. There was also a requirement for large planters on both plaza decks that required waterproofing both externally that allowed the planter to be built over the membrane as well as internal waterproofing with drainage and protection to the internal planter walls from gardening maintenance.

In addition level 4 plaza deck had a number of different recreational areas, from large swimming pool/spa fully fenced, to paved BBQ areas transitioning to lawn grass along with large raised bed planters with concrete walkways.


The Swelltite self healing plaza deck detailing system from Cetco was chosen by Walker Architects. The Swelltite plaza deck system is an ideal solution for plaza decks incorporating a self healing membrane,  Aquadrain drainage/protection board for planters and accessories all from one supplier providing a international supplier warranty with local on site quality assurance supported by local experienced applicators. Swelltite is used with split slab construction with a minimum reinforced concrete wearing slab of 75mm, Swelltite can also be used under earth topping with a depth of around 300mm providing adequate confinement. Pavers set in grout or sand are another popular choice.

Project Details


Applicator: MPM Waterproofing Ltd
Builder: Multiplex Construction
Architect: Walker Architects
Completed: January 2008


Project Size:

Ground level plaza deck with parking basement below – 600m²
Level 4 plaza deck with swimming pool, paved area with BBQs, grass area raised bed planters and walk ways – 1800m²