Antipodean Apartments

Recently completed, this substantial inner-city residential development encompasses 160 apartments over 14 levels in the vibrant heart of Auckland’s CBD. With a strong client brief that provided a challenge to maximise site potential, PB&A Architects engaged the Allco team to provide a ‘one stop shop’ range of waterproofing solutions.

Having a consistent supplier for the above and below ground waterproofing solutions proved to be a huge advantage, not only saving time and money, but also allowing contractors to overcome complexities on the go. The consistent support of our highly qualified TA team ensured the job was done at consistently high standard providing one full job warranty.

Chloe Lovell-Shannon of PB&A commented that “the advantage of the Hydrotech system was the move away from the  traditional screeded falls to outlet system, giving way to higher soffit heights and a lower step at the threshold by utilising Hydrotech’s zero falls and flexibility of drain/outlet locations. The full on-site technical advice on the system subsequent warranty on materials and workmanship offers higher level surety in its specification.”


At Allco we pride ourselves on the support we offer along with our systems.  Allco has a team of account managers and technical experts that are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to assist with all aspects of the design and construction process from concept to completion.


  • Below ground water proofing: Volclay Voltex waterproofing membrane solution to basement shotcrete walls to allow easy construction staging and methodology
  • Balconies: Hydrotech MM6125 membrane applied to 67 balcony decks at zero-degree falls
  • Podium: Hydrotech MM6125 membrane applied to low fall structure allowing reduction in structural thickness, weight and cost
  • Main Roof: Casali warm roof, allowing higher ceilings to interior by placing the insulation above the roof structure


  • Architects: PB&A Architects
  • Contractor: Watts & Hughes Construction
  • Client: Norfolk Trust